This year's group exhibition of DLUM members (Association of Visual Artists Maribor) is truly exceptional, as the artists presented their works in three different venues. The first exhibition took place in the Austrian town of Bruck an der Mur, where the organizers celebrated their twenty-year collaboration with the Department of Culture of the local municipality. Special thanks were extended to retired municipal councilor for culture, Mag. Frank Peter Hofbauer, former mayor Bernd Rosenberger, and the newly elected mayor Peter Koch for their contributions. Following this exhibition, there was another display at the Lokar Gallery in Ajdovščina, managed by the Association of Visual Artists of Northern Primorska. This prestigious and spacious gallery is larger than the one in Nova Gorica, where DLUM members have previously exhibited. This exchange of exhibitions between the two associations within the ZDSLU (Association of Slovene Fine Arts Societies) showcases a successful rekindling of connections. Prior to this, DLUSP members had already exhibited in the DLUM gallery. At the December exhibition of DLUM members at the main gallery on Židovska Street 10 in Maribor, a panel of experts will also decide on the three awarded works. While assessments were previously conducted by Austrian colleagues in Bruck an der Mur, this time, the decision will be made by Slovenian colleagues. The organization of artistic life within DLUM has limited the number of awards due to status, as the award exhibition is still considered an independent event for up to three artists. However, it is still possible to present a special acknowledgment that does not entail exhibition opportunities but is nevertheless a significant recognition and encouragement for potential future awards at upcoming exhibitions.

In 2021, DLUM lost two of its members: Redžo Kolaković from Maribor, who had a comprehensive retrospective exhibition in his hometown of Bihać before his passing, and Benjamin Kumprej from Leše near Prevalje, who did not live to see his monograph prepared by the Koroška Gallery of Fine Arts in Slovenj Gradec. Despite these losses, the society has gained two new members: Mag. Frank Peter Hofbauer and Nenad Kostić from Serbia. They join two non-Slovene members, Elena Churnosova from Russia and Azita Bijol Hedayati from Iran, confirming DLUM's international orientation. The exhibition is dominated by paintings depicting untouched nature, followed by free abstractions, figural compositions including portraits, three views, and two works with subtly religious themes. Nevertheless, sculptures are relatively scarce, including two reliefs that boast unique techniques and materials.

Curator of the Exhibition: Mario Berdič

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