The art project (multimedia art exhibition / workshop) with the title "Translocation" is an interactive presentation of ideas I have been dealing with for almost a decade. For many years I have been sensitively watching the surroundings and choosing those images from a surrounding everyday life, which are then the new carriers of intimate images on a canvas or sculpture. I address the audience with the meaningful headlines of their works (City codes, Landscape code, ...), because I allow viewers to completely free and free the way in viewing and explaining the painting or sculptural construction. I focus on exactly selected motives or details, taken from the urban environment of various, meets intimately important cities (Zagreb, Ptuj, Maribor, ...), and thus I offer my intimate perception of the current space (and time). The translation project goes a bit longer than my previous art exhibitions. In the well-established Maribor Gallery DLUM, I will speak with the sculptural and sculptural works about the discovery of the familiar notes I have encountered with the collection of these codes so far. The interactive part of the exhibition is the use of modern technology and the interactive discovery of the code of the project / exhibition visitors. We recently received Street View - Google Maps in Slovenia, which gives us insight into almost every corner of the urban Slovenian environment. The visitor will be able to search for and project own discovered and overlooked codes.

Zadnje objave